Animation at your fingertips.

Create animated movies.

This exciting product enables children to produce animated films with stop frame animation. Using green screen technology, children can select a backdrop for each scene. A library of colourful backgrounds is provided.

Allow pupils to become
movie producers.

If no other live players are waiting for a game, robots take over, so it always appears that there are multiple players. The scoreboard shows your place in the class, school and world. Teachers can see detailed information about the achievements of their pupils as well as which aspects they have found difficult.

Product Features.

  1. Part of the Tool Suite (2019 BETT Award WINNER)

  2. Produces wonderful animated films

  3. Sound recording facility

  4. Includes a large music and effects library

  5. Scripts can be added for use in school productions

  6. Includes a library of colourful backgrounds

  7. Single click, safe blogging to j2webby

  8. Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review


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Bob Usher, Content Manager, London Grid for Learning.


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