“The j2e toolsuite comes into its own as a creative tool with multiple, original and easy to use features which excite the children and encourage them to produce high quality output.”

Tony WIlliams, Colmore Junior school.

Testimonials from Worcester.

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Worcestershire Local Authority


Worcestershire LA is a semi-rural Authority with over 250 schools. They chose the Just2easy tools to meet the needs of a changing curriculum, and schools growing need to develop their online collaborative space. Worcestershire had developed a Learning Platform Framework Agreement for schools, and Just2easy was chosen as a toolset to enhance and support this deployment. The local authority advisers became Just2easy training partners and supported the delivery to their schools.


So why Just2easy?

"We needed a toolset that would integrate with our existing content suppliers and be an interface with our VLE’s. Just2easy is single sign on compliant and promotes the importance of user generated content." states James Green, Subject Adviser for Learning Technology.

"Just2easy helped the local authority more widely embed and promote our single sign on model through the gateway www.networcs.net. If our schools were going to maximise their opportunity to embed e-learning, then we felt that the just2easy tools were an important staging post for this to happen. The ease of use and intuitive design lent itself to early adoption and use. The collaborative features, file store, and text to speech enabled users to work independently and together in project groups, with a set of differentiated tasks based upon the permissions designated by the teacher."

Dan Cottle, Teacher Adviser for Learning Platforms added, "The Just2easy toolset peeled away the onerous management interfaces normally associated with online learning, and made the task of scaffolding learning activities for the learners by the teachers, simple and enjoyable."