“The suite is very intuitive to use both for children and staff.”

Tony WIlliams, Colmore Junior school.


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“Having invested in both the JIT tools for Foundation and KS1 and j2e for KS2, 3 and 4 we know we have a comprehensive selection of innovative online tools that can be used in a wide variety of contexts to suit many different aspects of the curriculum.”

Bob Usher, Content Manager, London Grid for Learning.

“The possibilities are endless!: children designing the school website, parent questionnaires online, home-school communication, homework, individual/group projects… j2e is very simple, yet a very powerful learning tool.”

Ben Williams, ICT subject leader, London Grid for Learning.

“Children of all ages take to it like ducks to water using it intuitively from the very start. We can start a new cohort of children off with a five minute introduction and leave them to fly from that point onwards.”

Mike Prince, Headteacher, Staveley CE Primary School.

“j2e has been the answer to our prayers… The software is intuitive to use and needs very little teaching, the children are enthused and experiment to see what happens”

Barbara Jones, ICT Co-ordinator, London Grid for Learning.

“j2e is a catalyst for creativity. j2e is an intuitive resource, pupils and staff can create impressive documents within minutes.”

John Davies, Learning Futures Adviser, Dudley Grid for Learning.

“The suite is very intuitive to use both for children and staff.”

Tony Williams, Colmore Junior.