“...it is an outstanding, innovating, enjoyable and exciting on-line educational tool, which motivates our children to be creative… resulting in an effective learning progress.”

Orion Brice, Penboyr school.

What can you do with Video in Just2easy?

The first rule of thumb with engaging children tends to be good use of multimedia. They’ll be captivated endlessly by a video from Youtube, watch hours of Fortnite clips and captivated by a beautiful photograph.

Have you ever thought about using video with your students? The possibilities are endless. We’ve thought of a few ideas to get you started but first a quick reminder of just how to get a video on Just2easy for students to see.

You can either record a video first then upload it in to Just2easy or record it ‘on the fly’

  1. To upload a pre-made video, add it to myfiles

  2. To record a video on the fly from a smartphone, click ‘Upload Files’ and then “Chose Files”

  3. You can then either make a video on your device, or chose one you’ve already made.

  4. Once your video is uploaded, click the little green “i” and select “use in j2e5”

Now the video is in j2e5, the possibilities are endless for sharing straight away, or further resource creation.

Setting homework

Introduce a homework task for your pupils by recording a video explainer of the set task in j2e5 and share it with your students. As they watch your video and work in the same document you’ll see a much greater effort from the sheer delight at the personalised learning approach you’ve taken for the task.

Recording a science experiment

Ensure your students get the most from classroom experiments (yes, even you, Eli at the back!) Set a pupil to task with video recording the activity from a device. Once it’s up on j2e5 and shared, children will be able to watch it over in their own time and even show parents what they’ve been learning at home.

Explaining methodology

When learning a new maths process, for example long division, parents often have a different way of working than that taught in the class. Lend a helping hand for revision, home learning and reinforcement by recording a video, sharing it in j2e5 with students and they’ll be able to watch their own teacher remind them of the correct process. You may even be helping parents learning too!

Quick Parental Engagement

Parents and guardians (and children too) get in quite a tizz if their child’s learning log has gone walkies, the worksheet in their school bag got covered in coffee and over the weekend the child has no way of finding or remembering the task that was set a week ago. Record a quick video explainer, pop it in j2e5 and parents will adore you for ever for reducing their weekend panic!

Get Students making videos too:

Students recording themselves completing an activity and sharing with the class, such as playing a piece of music, taking part in a sporting activity or practicing their phonics is excellent empowerment for children. When students begin to share their learning through video, the ownership and quality of work increases dramatically as they see a wider audience and greater recognition of their achievements.

This is just a small selection of some ideas for teachers and students. We are convinced you will have even more ideas about the use of video in just2easy and we would love to hear them!

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Happy videoing!