It is widely accepted that being able to create animations is motivating and beneficial for young learners. Several of the tools in the Toolsuite enable this.

jitJIT banner
Animate within JIT is a tool for creating simple but exciting animations. Use one of the colourful backgrounds provided or draw your own. It is a natural progression for children to draw a picture in paint, then use animate to make part of it move. Make snowflakes fall, crabs scuttle across the beach, and cars race across a track. Using JIT children can transform their pictures into mini-movies.

j2e_logo_5_rgb_revj2e5 banner

J2e5 gives you the ability to bring your digital paper to life with a wide range of animation tools. Cause a graphic to disappear when it is clicked to reveal an answer below, or make a correct answer spin when it is selected. The possibilities are endless.


j2spotlight is an exciting product that enables children to produce animated films with stop frame animation. Using green screen technology, children can choose to select a backdrop for each scene. A library of colourful backgrounds is provided.